Best answer: How do I get my prepaid electric meter to stop beeping?

To stop the beep, just press the delete button or even better the back space in the counter for 3 seconds. You can also press the button for a long time to silence the sound.

Why is my prepaid meter beeping?

When the units are about to be exhausted, prepaid meters will alert you through a continuous built-in alarm-like beeping sound. The alert starts, whereabout 20kWh mark, and becomes continuous and faster as you continue using the tokens. It becomes the loudest, and even fastest when your tokens fall below 5kWh.

Why is my electrical box beeping?

Do you mean “surge protector” or possibly “back-up power supply”? Those will usually beep to alert you if the power has been interuppted or if the battery is getting low. Some will beep if they are plugged into an ungrounded outlet.

How do you quiet a token?

How to Silence KPLC Token Meter Alarm

  1. Shenzen. 1037 then press“Enter” x 3.
  2. Itron. Long press Enter.
  3. Intech. 812#
  4. Hexing. 812 then Enter or #
  5. Nirav. 1037 then press“Enter” x 3.
  6. Conlog Intech. Long press #
  7. Actaris. Long press Enter.
  8. Inhemeter. 016 then Enter.

How do I reset my prepaid meter?

To reset the Prepaid Meter follow the steps below:

  1. enter 990 and press the green or blue button to confirm.
  2. then enter 8888 and confirm.
  3. finally enter 999 and confirm, you will see RESET message on the LCD screen.
  4. remove the plug under the meter box and plug it again.
  5. Then enter the token given to you to recharge.
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How do I stop my tokens from beeping?

To stop the beeping sound on this meter you need to press 812, then hash (#), or press 812 then “Enter”.

Can electrical outlets chirp?

Also keep on mind some GFCI outlets will make a buzzing noise, and sometimes but rarely will chirp very loudly due to the internal parts failing. Doesn’t sound right and is possibly dangerous. You said you tightened the screws on the receptacles.

Do electric meters make noise?

Electric or gas meters: Newer digital meters are almost always silent, but older meters that have moving parts may emit a noise you can hear inside your home. … Call an electrician to investigate these electrical buzzing sounds.

Can a breaker box beep?

1) Circuit breakers don’t beep. If there is a problem with a breaker, it will make a buzzing noise. 2) I recommend to turn each breaker OFF one at a time.

How do you silence Inhemeter?

To stop the beeping of your Inhemeter, press 016 or 017 then press the enter button. The meter will go silent thereafter. If you have this type of meter, press 1037 then press the enter button 3 times.

How do I activate my token meter?

KPLC meters activation can be done from the comfort of your home through purchasing tokens via M-PESA and AirtelMoney.


  1. Enter KPLC prepaid business number 888880 or 88888.
  2. Enter your 11 digit meter number.
  3. Enter amount between 250 and 35,000.
  4. Enter your M-Pesa pin.

How do I find my token number?

To do this, simply go to your token meter box and input the code 804 (Hexing) / 100 (Conlog) / Shenzen (65) then press the enter symbol. If successful, your 11-digit account number will be displayed on the screen.

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