Best answer: Which component in a steam power plant needs maximum maintenance attention?

Which of the following component is a steam power plant need maximum maintenance attention?

Which of the following component, in a steam power plant, needs maximum maintenance attention? EXAMIANS.

Which component needs more maintenance in steam power plant?

Which part of the steam power plant requires more maintenance? – Quora. The prime mover and the steam generator are most critical part, that’s why you will not see much issue with them.

Which of the following are components of a steam power plant?

What are the components of a Steam Power Plant? Explanation: A Steam Power Plant has the sequence, Boiler, Turbine, Condenser, Pump.

What are the components of a steam power plant Examveda?

Which of the following component, in a steam power plant, needs maximum maintenance attention?

  • A. Steam turbine.
  • Condenser.
  • Water treatment plant.
  • Boiler.
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Which of the following is NOT component of steam power plant?

Out of the given options, the Surge tank or surge chamber is not a part of steam power plant. It is a part of Hydo power plant. Surge chamber acts as a reservoir of water and used to compensate in case of pressure drop or rise.

What kind of energy output is obtained from a steam power plant?

effect on. Steam power constitutes an important power source for industrial society. Water is heated to steam in power plants, and the pressurized steam drives turbines that produce electrical current. The thermal energy of steam is thus converted to mechanical energy, which in turn is converted into…

What is the essential component of any power plant?

A Thermal power plant is an electric producing plant. The fuel used is water which is a renewable source of energy and also the fuel used is coal-fired, liquefied fuel, natural resources, uranium enrichment. The Essential component used in this system is Pump, Boiler, Turbine, and Condenser.

What type of hydro plant is it if the plant head is above 100m?

1. What type of Hydro plant is it if the Plant head is above 100m? Explanation: If the head of water available is above 100m, the plant is known as a high head plant.

What is the diesel power plant maintenance should be?

Preventive maintenance should includes checking the coolant level, oil level, fuel system, and starting system. The charge air cooler piping and hoses should be inspected regularly for leaks, holes, cracks, dirt and debris that may be blocking the fins or loose connections.

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What are four basic components of a steam power plant?

What is Steam Power Plant. It is the power plant which is used to generate electricity by the use of steam turbine. The major components of these power plants are boiler, steam turbine, condenser, and water feed pump.

What is function of a steam in a plant?

Answer: The main function of a steam boiler is to producing, storing and troubling the vapor. The liquid contained boiler is nothing but a shell and the heat energy produced while burning of fuel will be moved to water, and then it converts into steam at the required pressure as well as temperature.

Why is steam used for power generation?

This steam is an important part in electrical generation since it can be used to spin a turbine (which is connected to a generator to create power). … When high pressure steam passes through the turbines it expands and emerges at an increased speed but lower pressure.

What are the functions of a condenser in a steam power plant?

In thermal power plants, the purpose of a surface condenser is to condense the exhaust steam from a steam turbine to obtain maximum efficiency, and also to convert the turbine exhaust steam into pure water so that it can be used in the steam generator or boiler as boiler feed.

What is back pressure in a steam turbine?

Back Pressure Turbines: a type of steam turbine that is used in connection with industrial processes where there is a need for low or medium pressure steam. The high pressure steam enters the back pressure steam turbine and while the steam expands – part of its thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy.

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