Can I recycle my electric toothbrush head?

Replacement electric brush heads cannot be recycled in your regular city recycling program. However, there is a company called TerraCycle that has an oral health waste box. You can find a drop off location near you, or even purchase a small box to keep at your own home.

What do you do with old electric toothbrush heads?

Made of various plastics and nylon, the brush heads cannot normally be recycled. They have to go into landfill waste. However, there are specialist companies that are now able to begin recycling and reusing the plastics that come from such products, particularly as the awareness of plastic pollution is increasing.

Can Oral B toothbrush heads be recycled?

Recycle on US beats the recycling bin. Sponsored by Crest & Oral-B, Recycle on Us helps tackle oral care waste like used toothbrushes, brush heads, toothpaste tubes, and dental floss, some of which are never processed through traditional recycling.

Where can I recycle my toothbrush heads?

TerraCycle offer recycling programmes to help recycle hard-to-recycle waste, including toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads. TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box can be filled with all kinds of oral care waste. Once the box is full, the box can be sent back to TerraCycle who will safely recycle the contents.

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Do electric toothbrushes get recycled?

But can you recycle electric toothbrushes in the UK? Thankfully, the answer is yes! Along with many other electrical goods, you can indeed recycle an old electric toothbrush, as well as any plugs and charging stations.

How do you dispose of electric toothbrush heads?

Separate the metal portions of the toothbrush from the plastic portions of the toothbrush. Put the metal portions in the appropriate recycling container and the plastic portions in the appropriate recycling container if your local recycling agency or electronics recycling agency recycles electric toothbrushes.

How do I dispose of electric toothbrush?

You can recycle your electric toothbrush heads for free in the comfort of your home by sending them to TerraCycle. Simply download and print off a shipping label, post your flosser nozzles, toothbrush heads and floss containers to them, and they’ll recycle your dental products for you in their recycling plant.

How do you dispose of electronics?

How do I get rid of electronics?

  1. Locate an electronics recycling facility in your town.
  2. Donate working electronics to local charities or nonprofits.
  3. Donate or sell your e-waste for parts.
  4. Check to see if your local retailers offer trade-in services or buy used goods.

What is the most eco friendly toothbrush?

Swak. One of the most eco-friendly toothbrushes, Swak’s toothbrush has a handle that will last a lifetime. It’s crafted from a bio-based plastic that is made from GMO-free sugar, while the replaceable brush head is made from miswak wood (which is also vegan-friendly).

Can you use charcoal toothbrush everyday?

The cons of using charcoal toothpaste include: It’s abrasive and may wear down tooth enamel and make teeth appear yellow. … Everyday use could cause tooth sensitivity.

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How do you recycle Colgate smile for good?

Whilst most toothpaste tubes are currently non-recyclable, Colgate’s new ‘Smile for Good’ tube is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – the plastic commonly used in plastic milk bottles – and can be placed in the normal recycling stream along with other recyclable plastic products.

How do you recycle dental floss containers?

Oral Care Products Mail-in Recycling Programs

Through TerraCycle’s free Oral Care Recycling Program, consumers can fill a box with any brand of toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers and mail it back to TerraCycle for recycling.

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