How do I read my apartment electric meter?

When reading an electric meter, read and write down the numbers as shown on the dials from right to left. When the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right. If it has passed zero, use the next higher number. If it has not passed zero, use the lower number.

Where is meter reading in apartments?

I live in an apartment. Where is my meter? In apartment complexes, ESB electricity and/or gas meters are normally located in meter banks on the ground floor, in the basement or outside.

Which button is read on electric meter?

To read the meter: press the middle button – it should say ‘R1’ write down the number below ‘IMP’ from left to right – this is usually your night or ‘off-peak’ reading. press the middle button again – it should say ‘R2’

How do I read my meter reading?

Dial meter

  1. Stand directly in front of your meter.
  2. Read the dial on the left first. (Ignore the dial underneath).
  3. Look at the two numbers the pointer is between and record the lowest number. (If the pointer is between 9 and 0, record 9.)
  4. Do the same with each dial, reading left to right.
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What is a standard electricity meter?

What is a standard electricity meter? Standard meters are the most common type of electricity meter in the UK, and measure electricity usage per kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is the number of units of energy you use in one hour.

Why do I have 3 electricity meters?

If your water heater is electric, more than likely one of the meters is off-peak. If you have an electric oven, they are sometimes on three-phase power, so that could account for the third extra meter. NSW has full retail competition for all electricity users, so you can sign up with whoever you like.

What do the numbers on my digital electric meter mean?

Digital electric meters have numeric displays that show numbers in kilowatt hours. A kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts. If you have a 100-watt light bulb that is turned on for one hour, then 100 watt hours or 0.1 kilowatt hours is consumed.

How do you read a meter with A and B button?

If your meter has a green A and a white B button:

  1. Press and hold the green A button for at least 2 seconds.
  2. Press A again and again to cycle through the displays.
  3. The first row of numbers you’ll see is your meter reading.

How do you read an electric A and B button?

If your meter has an ‘A’ and ‘B’ button, press ‘A’ until you get to TOTAL ACT IMPORT. The number below this is your electricity reading. Your meter might have three buttons to the side of the display. If this is the case, just press the middle button, and the display will show your reading below the ‘IMP’ on screen.

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How do you read a Kaifa electric meter?

If you have a meter with two white buttons to the right of the screen. This meter reading is 11256. Your meter should have ‘Kaifa MA 120’ printed on it. It will automatically change between four different screens, so you don’t need to press anything.

How is electricity bill calculated in units?

1 Unit = 1kWh. So the Total kWh = 1000 Watts x 24 Hrs x 30 Days = 720000 … Watts / hour. We want to convert it into electric units, Where 1 Unit = 1kWh.

Power Consumption of Typical Home Appliances in Watts.

Electrical Appliance Power Wattage in Watts “W”
Thankless Water Heater 15000

How many digits does an electricity meter read?

A digital meter has an electronic or digital display. It will show 5 numbers in black or white, and might be followed by 1 or more red numbers. To read the meter: Write down the first 5 numbers shown from left to right.

How do I find my power meter number?

You will find the meter number on the face of your electricity meter. On a digital meter the meter number is found below the consumption screen. The meter number on an analog meter is found at the bottom of the electricity meter.

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