Question: What is heating effect of electric current derive an expression?

What is meant by heating effect of electric current derive an expression for it?

Heating effect of electric current: It states that Heat is directly proportional to square of current flowing through the conductor , resistance of the conductor and time till which current flows through it. EXPRESSION FOR JOULE’S LAW OF HEATING. H = I^2 R t.

What is heating effect of electric current class 10 derivation?

When electric current is supplied to a purely resistive conductor, the energy of electric current is dissipated entirely in the form of heat and as a result, resistor gets heated. The heating of resistor because of dissipation of electrical energy is commonly known as Heating Effect of Electric Current.

What is heating effect of electric current give?

Whenever an electric current gets passed through the conductor, it produces heat because of the hindrance caused due to the conductor to the current flowing. The total work done for overcoming this hindrance to the electric current produces heat in the conductor. This is referred to as the heating effect of current.

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What is the heating effect of electric current find the expression for calculating heat Class 10?


What is Electric Power write its formula and unit?

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The rate at which electric energy is dissipated or consumed in an electric circuit is called electric power. It’s SI unit is Watt (W). power = work done / time taken. we know that work done by current I when it flows for time T under potential difference V is given by : W = V*I*T joules.

What is the expression for heat?

H= IR x It. Therefore, Heat= I2(square)Rt. I square x R x t.

What is the formula for heating effect?

Hence the heating effect produced by an electric current, I through a conductor of resistance, R for a time, t is given by H = I2Rt. This equation is called the Joule’s equation of electrical heating.

What is the formula of heat?

The heat capacity and the specific heat are related by C=cm or c=C/m. The mass m, specific heat c, change in temperature ΔT, and heat added (or subtracted) Q are related by the equation: Q=mcΔT.

What is H I2Rt?

When a current of I amperes passes through a circuit of resistance R ohms for a time of t seconds then the heat produced is given by the relation. H=I2Rt joules. The above relation is known as the joule’s law of heating. It states that the heat produced is proportional to. 1.

What are the important applications of an electric bulb?


  • Electric Bulb: In an electric bulb, the filament of bulb gives light because of heating effect of electricity. …
  • Electric iron: The element of electric iron is made of alloys having high melting point. …
  • Electric fuse: Electric fuse is used to protect the electric appliances from high voltage; if any.
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Where is heating effect of current used?


Electrical Heating Appliances: The heating effect of current is utilised in the working of electrical heating appliances such as electric iron, electric kettle, electric toaster, electric oven, room heaters, water heaters (geysers), etc.

What is the heating effect of electric current Shaalaa com?

When an electric current is passed through a high resistance wire, like nichrome wire, the resistance wire becomes very hot and produces heat. This is called the heating effect of current.

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