Quick Answer: What do I do if my electric key doesn’t work?

What do I do if my electric key doesn’t work?

If the machine at your usual top-up outlet isn’t working, you can find another Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet. Give the contacts on your electricity key a clean with a dry toothbrush or cloth. If that doesn’t work, or you think your key is damaged, you might need to get a replacement – fill out this form.

Why is my electricity key not working?

Your meter or key could be broken – wipe any dust on the gold contacts on the key and try again. Check your meter for error messages too. If there is one, check Understanding messages on your meter. If there’s no error message on your meter and your key isn’t working at your local Payzone, then you need a new key.

How do I get a new electric key?

The quickest is to get a replacement from a local PayPoint or Payzone location. Before you go, you’ll need to contact your energy supplier to let them know you want a new key. They’ll give you a reference number, which you can then take to the store.

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How do I top up my electric meter without a key?

Can you top up your electric without a card or key? If you don’t have access to your prepayment meter key or smart card, you can still top up your electric meter using your mobile app or logging into your customer portal.

Why is my electric Key saying error D2?

Updated 18/09/2020 – An error D2 message is related to the key itself, so we advise trying to re-insert the key again. If this fails, get in touch.

How do I know if my electric meter is faulty?

If the meter stops, turn on 1 appliance at a time and check the meter. If the meter starts to move very quickly, the appliance could be faulty. If the meter is still moving, it’s probably faulty.

Can I put 5 on my electric key?

In this article: Your electricity meter can hold up to a total of £255, as can your electricity key. This means at any one time you can have a maximum of £510 on your meter and key. … For electricity meters, you can top up from £5, and with gas from as little as £1.

What do I do when my electricity meter display is blank?

Why is my electricity meter blank? Meters can go into sleep mode and seem to have no display. Pressing a button on the main panel should revive the screen display. If you’re worried your meter is broken you need to get in contact with your energy provider and they’ll tell you what to do.

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Can I use someone else’s electric key?

Someone else can top up on your behalf

They will need to take your key or card with them. They can use our store locator if they’re not sure where to go and want to avoid going into too many different shops.

Where can I get my electric key top up?

You can top up your gas card or electricity key at any of the following shops:

  • Paypoint.
  • Post Office.
  • Payzone.

What is the maximum amount you can put on an electric key British Gas?

You can top up any amount from £1 to £49 in a single transaction. Once you have topped up your British Gas electricity key put it into your meter. The credit will transfer to your meter automatically.

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