What are the main components of diesel power plant?

It consists of Fuel Storage Tank, Fuel Filter or Strainer, Fuel Transfer Pump, Day Tank, Heaters & Connecting Pipes. First up all with the help of transportation facility available (road, rail etc.) the diesel fuel stored in storage tank.

What are the main and auxiliaries components used in diesel power plant?

The major components of the diesel power plant are:

  • Engine. Engine is the heart of a diesel power plant. …
  • Air supply system. Air inlet is arranged outside the engine room. …
  • Exhaust System. This includes the silencers and connecting ducts. …
  • Fuel System. …
  • Cooling system. …
  • Lubricating system. …
  • Starting System.

What is the main component of diesel?

Diesel fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons—with boiling points in the range of 150 to 380°C—which are obtained from petroleum. Petroleum crude oils are composed of hydrocarbons of three major classes: (1) paraffinic, (2) naphthenic (or cycloparaffinic), and (3) aromatic hydrocarbons.

What are the 3 major components of a diesel generator?

The main components of a diesel generator are:

  • Diesel Engine.
  • AC Alternator.
  • Base frame, usually with a tank.
  • Control Panel, maybe with a Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • Circuit Breaker.
  • Radiator.
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What are the types of diesel power plant?

There are basically two main types of diesel power plants combustion engines categorized by the type of fuel used: gasoline or diesel. The vast majority of those engines power automobiles, but they have been also used for ships, boats, agricul- tural processing machinery, and many other industrial applications.

What are the applications of diesel engine power plant?

Diesel power plants may be used as standby plants where continuity of power supply is essential such as in hospitals, telephone exchanges, radio stations, cinemas etc.

What is the formula of diesel?

Diesel is composed of about 75% saturated hydrocarbons (primarily paraffins including n, iso, and cycloparaffins), and 25% aromatic hydrocarbons (including naphthalenes and alkylbenzenes). The average chemical formula for common diesel fuel is C12H23, ranging from approx. C10H20 to C15H28.

What are the component parts of diesel fuel system?

Here are five components of a diesel fuel system, along with information about what they do.

  • The Fuel Tank. A fuel tank must have the ability to store enough fuel to keep the engine operational for a reasonable amount of time. …
  • The Fuel Lines. …
  • The Diesel Fuel Filters. …
  • The Diesel Fuel Pumps. …
  • The Fuel Injectors.

How many types of diesel fuel are there?

Standard diesel fuel (sometimes called diesel oil) comes in two grades: Diesel #1 (or 1-D) and Diesel #2 (or 2-D). The higher the cetane number, the more volatile the fuel. Most diesel vehicles use fuel with a rating of 40 to 55.

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What are the 9 main components of diesel generator?

Every diesel generator is made up of at least nine different – but equally important – parts.

These are the:

  • Diesel Engine.
  • Alternator.
  • Fuel System.
  • Voltage Regulator.
  • Cooling System & Exhaust System.
  • Lubrication System.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Control Panel.

What is the principle of diesel generator?

The functioning principle of a diesel generator is actually based on the law of energy conversion. This law states that the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to other. A diesel generator contains an engine that uses diesel for its functioning.

What are the 3 parts of a generator?

Main components of a generator

  • Engine.
  • Alternator.
  • Fuel System.
  • Voltage Regulator.
  • Cooling and Exhaust Systems.
  • Lubrication System.
  • Battery Charger.
  • Control Panel.
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