What does it mean when we say that geothermal energy is sustainable?

Why is geothermal energy a renewable resource? Answer: Because its source is the almost unlimited amount of heat generated by the Earth’s core. Even in geothermal areas dependent on a reservoir of hot water, the volume taken out can be reinjected, making it a sustainable energy source.

Why is geothermal energy not sustainable?

There is an abundance of greenhouse gases below the surface of the earth. When geothermal energy is used, some of these gases escape towards the surface and into the atmosphere. These emissions tend to be higher near geothermal power plants.

What does it mean when we say that geothermal energy is sustainable quizlet?

Sustainable. The only way to keep geothermal energy is to return the heated water back to the ground. Why is Geothermal Energy renewable? Because the heat is continuously produced inside the Earth. Renewable Resources.

Is geothermal energy economically sustainable?

But the use of geothermal energy can greatly minimize these impacts, resulting in environmental benefits for many states and local communities with growing energy needs. Geothermal energy is clean, sustainable energy.

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What are the 3 main uses of geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy can heat, cool, and generate electricity: Geothermal energy can be used in different ways depending on the resource and technology chosen—heating and cooling buildings through geothermal heat pumps, generating electricity through geothermal power plants, and heating structures through direct-use …

Is geothermal energy bad for the environment?

Geothermal explained Geothermal energy and the environment

Direct use applications and geothermal heat pumps have almost no negative effects on the environment. In fact, they can have a positive effect by reducing the use of energy sources that may have negative effects on the environment.

What are the two uses of geothermal energy?

People around the world use geothermal energy to heat their homes and to produce electricity by digging deep wells and pumping the heated underground water or steam to the surface. Or, we can make use of the stable temperatures near the surface of the earth to heat and cool buildings.

What is one advantage of geothermal energy from the options below?

What is one advantage of geothermal energy from the options below? Geothermal energy makes no pollution. Geothermal energy works everywhere on Earth. Geothermal energy relies on the power of the sun.

What are two uses of geothermal energy quizlet?

Geothermal energy is used in most heating and cooling systems in small housing to some factories, and used for cooking. It is a simple energy derived from the earth’s internal heat.

What are the dangers of geothermal energy?

The environmental effects of geothermal development and power generation include the changes in land use associated with exploration and plant construction, noise and sight pollution, the discharge of water and gases, the production of foul odours, and soil subsidence.

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How expensive is geothermal energy?

The initial cost for the field and power plant is around $2500 per installed kW in the U.S., probably $3000 to $5000/kWe for a small (<1Mwe) power plant. Operating and maintenance costs range from $0.01 to $0.03 per kWh.

Who benefits from geothermal energy?

An Overview of Geothermal Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
This energy source is more environmentally friendly than conventional fuel sources. The largest single disadvantage of geothermal energy is that it is location specific.
A source of renewable energy. Gases are released into the atmosphere during digging.
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