What is the price of electricity in Maine?

Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that Maine customers pay an average of 13.02 cents per kilowatt hour. Maine’s average price for electricity ranks it 11th highest in the country, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

How much is an electric bill in Maine?

Mainers pay relatively low energy costs. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data from 2017, the average monthly energy bill in Maine is just $87.21.

How much does a kWh cost in Maine?

Electric Rates

# of Customers (Residential) Total Rate ¢/kWh
Central Maine Power 559,516 17.4 ¢/kWh
Versant Power – BHD** 133,671 18.6 ¢/kWh
Versant Power – MPD N/A 16.0 ¢/kWh

What state is electricity the cheapest?

Prices are in cents per kWh. Hover over any state to see its average price of electricity. Hawaii leads the lot by being the most expensive state for electricity (34.43 cents) while Washington is the cheapest state (9.35 cents).

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What is the cost of 1 kWh of electricity?

One kWh of energy costs about 11 to 21 pence. (Look on your bill for the exact rate you are paying.) **This is why it pays to check what other suppliers charge.

Is living in Maine expensive?

Is it expensive to live in Maine? A recent study showed that the cost of living in Maine is the sixth highest in the country. Maine residents spend 91.3% of their income on expenses, which is about 10% more than the national average.

How much is the average electric bill in Arizona?

Utilities. Arizona residents pay higher-than-average electricity bills. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly electricity bill in Arizona is $128.40.

How much is the average water bill in Maine?

Utility costs vary greatly by state. The most expensive utility bills can be found in Alaska, with an average cost of $496 per month. New Mexico has the lowest average cost of $232 per month.

Water Prices By State 2021.

State Maine
Avg. Total Utilities $312
Electric $99
Internet $45
Nat. Gas $104

Who has the cheapest electricity per kWh?

State Profiles: Highest/Lowest Electric Rates, Production, and Consumption

  1. Hawaii – 33.53 cents per kWh. …
  2. Alaska – 17.58 cents per kWh. …
  3. Connecticut – 16.98 cents per kWh. …
  4. New York – 16.25 cents per kWh. …
  5. Rhode Island – 15.57 cents per kWh. …
  6. Massachusetts – 15.34 cents per kWh. …
  7. New Hampshire – 15.25 cents per kWh.

Where does Maine get its electricity?

More than half of Maine’s electricity net generation comes from hydroelectric dams and wood-based biomass. Most of Maine’s in-state electricity net generation came from renewable resources in 2019. Almost all of that was from hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, and wood and wood-derived fuels.

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Where is electricity cheap in the US?

Nationally, electricity costs 16 percent more than it does in Nebraska. Across all sectors, Hawaii has the highest electricity rate (28.72 cents), and Louisiana has the lowest electricity rate (7.71 cents). The archive has reports from prior years.

Is electricity cheap in USA?

The average electricity rate is 13.19 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The average price a residential customer in the United States pays for electricity is 13.31 cents per kWh.

Where is electricity cheapest in the world?

Where are the cheapest electricity rates in the world?

  • Iraq – (GBP 0.023 per kWh)
  • Qatar – (GBP 0.023 per kWh)
  • Egypt – (GBP 0.023 per kWh)
  • Kazakhstan – (GBP 0.031 per kWh)
  • Zambia – (GBP 0.031 per kWh)
  • Azerbaijan – (GBP 0.031 per kWh)
  • Algeria – (GBP 0.031 per kWh)
  • Trinidad & Tobago – (GBP 0.039 per kWh)

How much does it cost to fully charge an electric car?

A kWh is a standard measurement of energy that your energy supplier will use to bill you and refers to a person using 1,000 watts of electricity for 1 hour. For home charging your electricity bill will show this cost – on average it will be between 10-14 pence.

How is electricity cost calculated?

How to Calculate Your Electric Bill

  1. Multiply the device’s wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used per day.
  2. Divide by 1000.
  3. Multiply by your kWh rate.

Where is electricity the most expensive?

Germany has the highest electricity prices worldwide. In September 2020, German households were charged around 0.36 U.S. dollars per kilowatt hour plus value added tax. By comparison, in neighboring Poland, residents paid half as much, while households in the United States were charged even less.

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