What was the major impact of coming of electricity to Palampur?

Electricity has had major impact on the farmers in Palampur in a variety of ways. These are: It transformed the irrigation system in the village. Larger areas could be irrigated in lesser time with the help of tube wells and pump sets, which ran on electricity.

What is the impact of electricity on irrigation Class 9?

It helps in the running of tube wells and pumps to water large areas of farms. Larger areas of farmland can be irrigated in lesser time with the help of pumps.

What is the role of electricity in farming of Palampur?

The spread of electricity has helped farmers in Palampur in following ways: (i)Electric-run tubewells can Irrigate much larger areas of land. (ii)Electricity has transformed the system of Irrigation. (iii)Electricity has reduce the pollution because it is a cheap and pollution free source of Irrigation.

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What was the benefit of electricity in Palampur Class 9?

Answer: (i) Most of the houses in Palampur have electric connections. (ii) Electricity powers all the tube wells in the fields that help to irrigate much larger areas of land more effectively as compared to the traditional Persian wheel drawn by bullocks.

What is the importance of electricity for a farmer?

Electricity plays an equally important part in the dairy farm for feed rationing, milking, and milk cooling; all these applications are automatically controlled. Computers have increasingly been employed to aid in farm management and to directly control automated equipment.

Who provides Labour for medium and large farmers?

Farm labourers provide the labour required for farming to the medium and large farmers in India. They suffer because they do not possess any land. Rather they work in the lands of big farmers for daily wages.

What do large and medium farmers do with their surplus from products?

Large and medium farmers sell the surplus farm products. A part of the earnings is saved and kept for buying capital for the next season. Some farmers might also use the savings to buy cattle, trucks or to set up shops.

What was the status of upper caste families in Palampur?

Answer: The 80 upper caste families own the majority of land in Palampur. Their houses, some of them quite large, are made of brick with cement plastering.

Why are the wages for farm Labourers in Palampur?

Answer: The minimum wages for a farm labourer set by the government Are ` 60 per day, but wages of farm labourers in Palampur are less than minimum wages because there is heavy competition for work among the term labourers in Palampur, so people agree to work for lower wages.

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What is the work of farmer with 1 hectare land?

The farmer with a small land of 1 hectare needs less capital to prepare his land. He uses traditional seeds, animals to plough, less labour, no machines, less chemical fertilisers or manure. He does irrigation manually and is helped by his family members to do the work of harvesting.

What was the benefit of electricity in Palampur in one sentence?

Answer: Explanation:The spread of electricity has helped the farmers of Palampur village in the following ways: Most of the houses have electric connections. Electricity is used to run tube wells in the fields. Electricity is used in various types of small business.

What was the benefit of electricity in?

Electricity has many uses in our day to day life. It is used for lighting rooms, working fans and domestic appliances like using electric stoves, A/C and more. All these provide comfort to people. In factories, large machines are worked with the help of electricity.

What are the advantages of coming of electricity in the village Palampur?

The spread of electricity in Palampur transformed the system of irrigation in the village. Persian wheels gave way to electric-run tube wells, which reduced the dependence of the farmers upon rainfall, and enabled larger areas of land to be irrigated.

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