Your question: Is there an Electric Ireland app?

Use the Electric Ireland Smarter Pay As You Go (PAYG) App on your iOS device to Top-Up and better manage your Electric Ireland PAYG Electricity Account no matter what type of Electric Ireland PAYG meter you have.

Do Electric Ireland have an app?

Download our Top up app now

Top Up with no fuss with our simple keypad top-up app, available on iPhone and Android. You can top up online by registering and saving your details for future top ups, or if you prefer you can top up without registering.

How do I download the Electric Ireland app?

To download the Android version of the app, search “Electric Ireland Meter Reading” on the Android Market or click here. To find out more about meter readings and the meter reading apps check out the Electric Ireland website.

How do I check my Electric Ireland balance?

On the front screen of your In Home Monitor. By texting “EI balance” to 53314. On the front screen of your Smarter Pay As You Go meter (next to your fuse board)

Can I check my Electric Ireland bill online?

Online Account

Manage your billing with an Electric Ireland account.

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Why is my electricity bill so high Ireland?

The most common reasons for a high bill are the following: You may be comparing a winter bill to a summer bill. It may be a ‘catch up’ bill following a low estimated reading from your previous bill(s). Changes in operational circumstances within your business.

What Time Is electricity cheaper in Ireland?

In winter-time, customers on a NightSaver tariff can avail of cheaper (or “off peak”) electricity from 11pm to 8am. In summer-time (right now – and up to when the clocks go back in late October) the night-rate hours are midnight until 9am.

How do I switch to Electric Ireland?

What do I need to switch to Electric Ireland?

  1. Your most recent electricity or gas bill. To switch electricity you’ll need your MPRN from your latest electricity bill and to switch gas, your GPRN from your latest gas bill.
  2. Your current meter reading. …
  3. Your bank details.

How do I get a refund from Electric Ireland?

If you pay by Direct Debit, we will refund your bank account though EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer. For non Direct Debit customers, we will send your refund by cheque. To claim your refund, please do so through Your Account Online or phone us on 1800 372 372.

How can I check my credit meter?

Check meter number: To know your meter number, press 65 then the blue button, the meter number is the 11 digit numbers that displays on the screen. Balance: To check balance, press “07” on the keypad and then press the blue button. The available balance will be displayed in this format. (102.12).

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