Your question: Which liquids can conduct electricity?

Most liquids that conduct electricity are solutions of acids, bases and salts. Distilled water is free of salts hence it is a poor conductor. When salt is dissolved in distilled water, we obtain a salt solution. This solution is a conductor of electricity.

What are the three liquids that conduct electricity?

three liquids which conduct electricity are-lemon juice,common salt solution and vinegar.

What are the two liquids that conduct electricity?

Answer : Tap water and lemon water conduct electricity, this happens because tap water. while distilled water and wine do not conduct electricity.

What is the most electrically conductive liquid?

Tap water, lemon juice and mercury is the best liquid conductor compare with others. Because of any solution to conduct, you need ions or free electrons. So these are good conductor having contain free ions.

Which solutions can conduct electricity?

Electrolyte Solutions

An electrolyte is any salt or ionizable molecule that, when dissolved in solution, will give that solution the ability to conduct electricity. This is because when a salt dissolves, its dissociated ions can move freely in solution, allowing a charge to flow.

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Is vinegar a good conductor of electricity?

Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid and is produced by the fermentation process of ethanol or sugars. … Hence, we can say that vinegar is a good conductor of electricity.

Does milk conduct electricity?

Milk is a good conductor of electricity because it contains water and lactic acids and other salts.

What happens if electricity passes through water?

When an electric current is passed through water, “Electrolysis of water” occurs, which is the decomposition of water (H2O) into hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen (O2). … Hydrogen gas forms at the cathode where the electrons enter the water and at the anode, oxygen is formed.

Do liquids conduct electricity?

1. Do liquids also conduct electricity? Solution: Liquid conduct electricity because they have free ions as in acids, bases and salts being dissolved in water.

Which of the liquid does not conduct electricity?

Distilled water, oil, alcohol etc., do not conduct electricity.

What can I add to water to make it more conductive?

For making water a Good conductor acidify it with any strong acid such as Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid etc. Only small amount of acid is needed. Due to which the bonds between water molecule breaks and it conducts electric current.

Is baking soda conductive in water?

Increasing the amount of salt in a solution increases the conductivity of the solution. Acids and bases also break down to form ions when dissolved in water. … Baking soda and ammonia are weak bases. When weak electrolytes dissolve in water, the solution is a poor conductor.

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How do you make a conductive liquid?

Add 1/4 cup of salt to the vinegar. Stir the mix with a long wooden spoon until the salt dissolves completely. The salts present in the vinegar plus the additional salt should create a very conductive liquid.

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