Can electric force negative?

Electric field is not negative. It is a vector and thus has negative and positive directions. An electron being negatively charged experiences a force against the direction of the field.

Why is electric field always positive?

The electric field is a vector quantity whose direction is defined as the direction in which when put in the field, a positive test charge will be moved. The trajectory of the electric field on a positive source charge is therefore always driven away from the positive source.

Is electric force positive or negative?

So, when talking of the magnitude as that of a vector field and ignoring the angle, it is always positive. But of course in reality, the sign of the electric field is arbitrary. We might equally well treat electrons as positive and protons as negative.

Can electric fields be positive or negative?

An electric field is neither positive or negative. It is defined as being the force acting per unit positive charge . (This means it is a vector like force is). If you move a positive charge in the direction of an elkectric field, work is done by the charge.

What is the direction of force in an electric field?

Electric field is defined as the electric force per unit charge. The direction of the field is taken to be the direction of the force it would exert on a positive test charge. The electric field is radially outward from a positive charge and radially in toward a negative point charge.

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