Can net electric flux be negative?

The negative flux just equals in magnitude the positive flux, so that the net, or total, electric flux is zero. If a net charge is contained inside a closed surface, the total flux through the surface is proportional to the enclosed charge, positive if it is positive, negative if it is negative.

Is flux always positive?

Flux: The flow across a surface. … When the field vectors are going the same direction as the vectors normal to the surface, the flux is positive. When the field vectors are going the opposite direction as the vectors normal to the surface, the flux is negative.

What does negative electric flux indicate?

Negative electric flux is due to negative charge. Therefore, lines of force are directed inwards.

Can flux through Gaussian surface be negative?

Since flux through the closed surface is negative, according to Gauss’s law, net charge enclosed must be negative. Gauss law : It state that the electric flux through a closed body is equal to the charge enclosed in that body divided by the permittivity.

How do you know if magnetic flux is positive or negative?

Think of as representing the number of field lines going through the coil (‘flux linkage’). If this is getting larger, then is positive and hence c is negative. If, on the other hand, the number of lines is getting smaller, then is negative and hence c is positive.

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What does electric flux depend on?

The numerical value of the electric flux depends on the magnitudes of the electric field and the area, as well as the relative orientation of the area with respect to the direction of the electric field.

Is the net flux through the Gaussian surface positive negative or zero?

So the net flux is zero. It’s not enough that the charges are inside the surface, but they can’t add to zero. The flux out of the closed Gaussian surface is positive. Flux flowing in to the closed Gaussian surface is negative.

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