Does an electric towel rail need a thermostat?

Generally speaking these towel rails are the easiest to install. They are literally out of the box, onto the wall and wire into a fused power supply. … A final note on these dry electric towel rails is that they do not have any built in thermostats which you can control the heat.

Do I need thermostat on towel rail?

However, it’s always recommended to have at least one radiator in your home to have manual valves, without a TRV. It’s common practise for this radiator (or towel rail) to be in the bathroom. The reason one radiator in your home needs to be TRV-free is as a safety mechanism.

How do you adjust the temperature on a electric heated towel rail?

The most common method for adjusting temperature will be to adjust the knob by turning clockwise to turn off – I.e. cool or anti clockwise to open and up the heat. Turning the knob could be difficult, and so pliers might be required.

Can electric towel rails overheat?

The towel rail gets too hot.

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Check that the correct size element is fitted because oversizing can cause the surface temperature to get too high. Towel rails feel very hot to the touch; especially chrome plated ones because they conduct heat very well.

Do electric towel rails need valves?

The type of valves required to connect a heated towel rail onto your central heating system will depend on the pipe work in your bathroom. All Rhinorails heated towel rails have underneath connections so: … If the pipe work in your bathroom comes from out of the wall you will require a set of angled valves.

Should heated towel rails be left on?

Heated towel rails are designed to be left on all the time and there are no safety issues to consider if you decide you want to keep them running. A standard heated towel rail will typically come on and off in accordance with the main central heating system.

Why won’t my towel rail heat up?

You may notice that the towel rail is not heating up and, specifically, the top rungs of the rail are colder than the bottom ones. You may also have heard knocking or tinkling through your pipes and radiators. This is usually caused by trapped air and bleeding will normally solve this.

Are electric towel rails expensive to run?

Electric Towel Rails

These rails avoid the issue of having to switch on the rest of your central heating, however they can be expensive to run due to the power requirements of the heated element within. Essentially, they function similarly to a kettle, though without quite so much short term power usage.

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How long do electric towel rails take to heat up?

Electric Towel Rails will add some warmth to the room, however are designed as a towel warmer only and won’t heat the entire room. Electric rails heat up quickly, starting to get warm in about 5 minutes and reaching optimum temperature in approximately 30 minutes.

Are electric towel rails energy efficient?

Electric towel rails are a safe, efficient, and cost-effective heat source designed especially for bathrooms.

Do you bleed electric towel rails?

Bleeding your towel rail lengthens its working life and saves energy. Basically, you need to extract the air that gets trapped in the pipes when water flows through. If the air remains in the pipes for a long time, the temperature may be reduced and the unit may not heat evenly.

How hot do electric towel rails get?

Liquid Filled Towel Rails

Liquid Filled rails heat up to 55 degrees & act as an additional heat source in the room. As the rail is heating the water not the air, covering the rail with a towel will not cause the rail to get any hotter.

Can you fit an electric towel rail upside down?

Turn the towel radiator upside down and screw the electric element into the either side of the towel radiator. Use PTFE tape wrapped clockwise around all male threads to assist in making watertight and complete sealed joints.

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