Frequent question: Why it is impracticable to connect an electric bulb and an electric heater in a series?

As you know that, in a series circuit the current is constant throughout the electric circuit. Thus, it is obviously impracticable to connect an electric bulb and an electric heater in series because they need currents of widely different values to operate properly.

What is the similarity between an electric bulb and electric heater?

Comparison between electric bulb and electric heater.

As we know electric bulbs and electric heaters both are working on the properties of electricity only difference is the output of one is light while the other is heat.

Why do electric bulbs dim when electric heaters?

After some time, when heater coil becomes hot its resistance increases. As a result, current through the heater coil decreases and the current through the bulb filament increases and thus dimness of the bulb decreases.

What is the difference between bulb and electric heater?

The heater element is thicker wire, and has lower resistance. whereas the light bulb filament has a finite life – it will “burn out” sooner or later. …

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When electric heater is switched on it is noticed?

The resistance of a heater coil is less than that of electric bulb filament. When heater is switched on in parallel, more current start flowing through the heater coil and current through the bulb filament decreases making it dim. After some time, when heater coil becomes hot its resistance increases.

What are the important applications of an electric bulb?


  • Electric Bulb: In an electric bulb, the filament of bulb gives light because of heating effect of electricity. …
  • Electric iron: The element of electric iron is made of alloys having high melting point. …
  • Electric fuse: Electric fuse is used to protect the electric appliances from high voltage; if any.

In which appliance heating effect of electric current is used?

Applications of the Heating Effect of Current

(1) The heating effect of electric current is utilised in the working of electrical heating appliances such as electric room heater, electric iron, electric kettle, electric toaster, electric oven, water heater (geyser), immersion rod, and soldering iron, etc.

Will the bulb in the two circuit glow with the same brightness?

No the bulbs won’t glow with the same brightness in both circuits. The bulb in parallel circuit will glow brighter than when connected in series.

When a high power heater is connected to mains bulb becomes dim Why?

If a high power heater is connected to electric mains then the bulbs in the house bcome dim, becuase there is a change in voltage across bulb, which result in current drop.

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Why does a bulb get dimmer?

Why bulbs in series are dimmer

The bulbs are dim for two reasons: The current going through them is smaller because two bulbs in series have a higher resistance than a single bulb. Each charge only gives up some of its energy in each bulb, i.e. the p.d. across each bulb is smaller.

What is the heating effect of electric current give its example?

This happens due to the conversion of some electric energy passing through the conductor into heat energy. This effect of electric current is called the heating effect of current. Example, Electric iron, electric toaster, water heaters, etc., work on this effect.

Which has more resistance bulb or heater?

Thus resistance of bulb is greater than heater.

What is the purpose of heating element?

A heating element converts electrical energy into heat through the process of Joule heating. Electric current through the element encounters resistance, resulting in heating of the element.

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