How can I get my consumer number in electricity bill Bihar?

To fetch your electricity bill receipt follow the given steps: Go to NBPDCL website. Open Bill details and Bill Payment. Here you can see your added Consumer ID, tap on it.

How can I know my consumer electricity number in Bihar?

In nbpdcl CA Number is also known as Consumer Number ( उपभोक्ता संख्या ). CA No. shown in red box. for example shown in Step 1 or left side on your PC and above in your mobile.

How can I know my consumer ID in electricity bill?

How to Find Consumer Number on the Electricity Bill?

  1. Go to the Electricity Bill Payment page on Paytm.
  2. Select your ‘State’ and ‘Electricity Board’
  3. Select the District/Type (if any)
  4. Click on ‘View Sample Bill’ to see your Consumer Number on the electricity bill.

How can I check my electricity bill online in Bihar?

Online Electricity Bill Payment in Bihar

  1. At first click SBPDCL.
  2. Select your Division from dropdown menu.
  3. Write your consumer id or account number and click on View & Pay Your Bill.
  4. Now you can read and know your electricity bill amount you will have to pay.

What is the cost of 1 Unit electricity in Bihar?

Those consuming up to 100 units will be charged ₹6.10 per unit against an existing rate of ₹6.05 per unit. Those consuming between 101 and 200 units will pay ₹6.95 per unit against an existing per unit rate of ₹6.85.

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How can I know my consumer no?

To find your LPG ID with mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number, use Quick Search and follow the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Enter your mobile, Aadhaar or consumer number (with Distributor Name)
  2. Enter the text shown in the image captcha.
  3. Click proceed.
  4. Your 17 Digit LPG ID will be displayed on screen.

Where can I find my Wbsedcl consumer ID?

WBSEDCL Consumer ID is a 9-digit number printed on your electricity bill. You need to enter this number to pay your electricity bill, download payment receipts, check bill details, etc.

What is the consumer ID?

◾️Generally, consumer number is a 10 digit number, which looks like IVRS No. 54367XXXXX. ◾️It can be used to pay electricity bills online. ◾️The electricity bill is calculated by multiplying the cost of a precise number of watts used per month and the amount of watts consumed.

How can I download my Sbpdcl bill?

Go to the quick bill view page on the SBPDCL website

On this page, type your 11 digit CA number and click the Submit button. You can now see the details of your last electricity bill including the amount and dates. For a detailed bill view click the View Bill button. This is the detailed view of the SBPDCL bijli bill.

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