How much electricity is equal to a gallon of gas?

The ratings are based on EPA’s formula, in which 33.7 kilowatt hours of electricity is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline, and the energy consumption of each vehicle during EPA’s five standard drive cycle tests simulating varying driving conditions.

How much energy is in a gallon of gas?

Refinery efficiency is about 90 percent and the energy content of a gallon of gasoline is about 132,000 Btu. Put that together and you have about 13,000 Btu of energy cost per gallon of gasoline produced, which is equivalent in energy terms to 4 kilowatt hours.

How much does electricity cost compared to gas?

Residential electricity is far costlier than natural gas.

Therefore, assuming a 100% efficient use of electricity, California residents are paying about $56 per million Btu (MMBtu) for the electricity they consume. In 2019, the average residential price of natural gas in California was $13.32 per MMBtu.

How do you convert gas to kWh?

Quick conversion chart of gallon [U.S.] of automotive gasoline to kilowatt-hours

  1. gallon [U.S.] of automotive gasoline to kilowatt-hours = 36.6 kilowatt-hours.
  2. gallon [U.S.] of automotive gasoline to kilowatt-hours = 73.2 kilowatt-hours.
  3. gallon [U.S.] of automotive gasoline to kilowatt-hours = 109.8 kilowatt-hours.
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How do you calculate gas per gallon?

To calculate GGE and DGE, the energy content of one gallon of gasoline or diesel is divided by the energy content of the comparison fuel. For example, conventional gasoline has an energy content of 116,090 Btus per gallon, while propane has an energy content of 84,250 Btus per gallon.

What fuel produces the most energy?

Fossil fuels are the largest sources of energy for electricity generation

  • Natural gas was the largest source—about 40%—of U.S. electricity generation in 2020. …
  • Coal was the third-largest energy source for U.S. electricity generation in 2020—about 19%.

How many gallons of gasoline are equivalent to your food energy?

In many cases our food — cows — eats even more food produced with very high energy costs. I’ve been digging around estimates, and have found that U.S. agriculture uses about 400 gasolinegallon equivalents per American. Or 1.1 gallons per day, or about 10 Calories (40 BTU) from oil/gas for every Calorie of food.

Is charging an electric car cheaper than gas?

With these averages, yes, it is cheaper to charge an electric car than it is to fill a gas car across the year. These prices will vary greatly by state, but in our dataset, the cost of electricity was cheaper than gas for running vehicles.

Is Tesla cheaper than gas?

First, the biggest savings: no more expensive gas. With 100 miles using 34kWh (about 100 MPG) and electricity costing an average of $0.12/kWh, the yearly cost to drive a Tesla Model S 15,000 miles is $612. Compare that to Toyota (TM) Camry’s 30 MPG and an average cost of gas of $2.40 per gallon.

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Why electric cars will never work?

Electric cars are severely limited by several drawbacks, including: A shortage of charging stations. High electricity costs. Disappointing battery capacity that limits the distance the cars can be driven between charges.

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