Question: Who was in the band Powerstation?

Why did Robert Palmer leave the Power Station?

Palmer dropped out of the ad hoc rock group in order to complete a solo album he’s currently waxing — and on which he’s behind schedule. … He’s got a great sense of rock ‘n’ roll.” The Power Station musicians never planned to tour together.

Are power stations renewable?

Power stations can generate electrical energy from renewable energy sources.

Who songs Some like it hot?

“Some Like It Hot” is a song recorded by the Power Station. It was the first single released from the group’s 1985 eponymous debut album.

Some Like It Hot (song)

“Some Like It Hot”
Label Parlophone – R 6091 Capitol – B 5444
Songwriter(s) Andy Taylor, John Taylor, Robert Palmer
Producer(s) Bernard Edwards
The Power Station singles chronology

How many power stations are there in the UK?

In total, there are more than 2,000 electricity generating stations in the UK. A large number of them use renewable technology.

What happened to the power station band?

The Power Station decided to press on as a trio augmented by session musicians, and toured first with bassist Guy Pratt and then Manny Yanes and second guitarist Luke Morley, to moderate success. They disbanded shortly after. In 2002, EMI Music issued The Best of The Power Station as part of their Ten Best Series.

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How did Palmer die?

Is Robert Palmer in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Not in Hall of Fame – 250. Robert Palmer.

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