What do you mean by electrical machine design explain in brief the limitations in design of electrical machine?

What are the limitations in design of electrical machines?

Limitations in design: The materials used for the machine and others such as cooling etc., imposes a limitation in design. The limitations stem from saturation of iron, current density in conductors, temperature, insulation, mechanical properties, efficiency, power factor etc.

What do you mean by electrical machine design?

The basic design of an electrical machine involves the dimensioning of the magnetic circuit, electrical circuit, insulation system etc., and is carried out by applying analytical equations. A designer is generally confronted with a number of problems for which there may not be one solution, but many solutions.

What are the limitations in design?

Design constraints are limitations on a design. These include imposed limitations that you don’t control and limitations that are self-imposed as a way to improve a design.

What are the main factors of electrical design?

Major considerations in Electrical Machine Design

  • Magnetic circuit or the flux path:
  • Electric circuit or windings:
  • Insulation:
  • Cooling system or ventilation:
  • Machine parts:

How the design problem of an electrical machine can be classified?

How the design problems of electrical machines can be classified? … The major considerations to evolve a good electrical machine are the specific magnetic loading, specific electric loading, temperature rise, efficiency, length of air gap and power factor.

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Which material is used as conducting material in electrical machines?

Conducting materials are good conductors of electricity and heat. Gold, silver, copper, aluminium are the examples of conducting materials.

What is meant by voltage and current?

In simple words, the current is the flow of electrons between two points forced by voltage. Voltage is the difference in the electric potential energy, per unit of charge between two points.

What are examples of limitations?

The definition of a limitation is a restriction or a defect, or the act of imposing restrictions. When you are only allowed to walk to the end of the block, this is an example of a limitation. When there are certain things you are not good at doing, these are examples of limitations.

What are its limitations?

noun. a limiting condition; restrictive weakness; lack of capacity; inability or handicap: He knows his limitations as a writer. something that limits; a limit or bound; restriction: an arms limitation; a limitation on imports.

How do Limitations improve a design?

In conclusion, restrictions and limitations can often improve design by making designers consider the tough questions – the essence of what they’re trying to communicate. They can serve as a style guide, roadmap or even as inspiration if you’re stuck on a concept.

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