What is auxiliary consumption in power plant?

It is the ratio of heat equivalent of Fuel fired to the heat equivalent of electricity sent to transmission net work. • Auxiliary power consumption has two components. • Unit auxiliary power consumption & station auxiliary powerconsumption.

What is AUX power consumption?

Auxiliary power is electric power that is provided by an alternate source and that serves as backup for the primary power source at the station main bus or prescribed sub-bus. An offline unit provides electrical isolation between the primary power source and the critical technical load whereas an online unit does not.

How is auxiliary power consumption calculated?

The auxiliary power consumed is in India for the total installed capacity of the order of 11406.06 MW (8.36% of 1, 36,436 MW).

What is auxiliary consumption in solar power plant?

Auxiliary power is used by NTPC to run its thermal plants. This power is consumed during plant start-ups and shutdowns, operation of plant machinery and service equipment to support illumination, air-conditioning etc. Currently, power plants source electricity from the grid to meet the auxiliary requirement.

What is an auxiliary load?

auxiliary load means power used to operate auxiliary equipment in the Facility necessary for power generation (such as pumps, blowers, fuel preparation machinery, and exciters).

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How do I reduce auxiliary power consumption?

Hence it is utmost important to reduce the BFP power consumption.

Best practices to reduce the Auxiliary power consumption (APC) in Sugar based Cogeneration plants.

Sl No. Area APC in %
1 Boiler fans 35-38%
2 Boiler feed water pumps 35-36%
3 Turbo generator & its auxiliaries 10-12%
4 Bagasse feeding system 2-2.5%

What is the purpose of auxiliary power supply?

The auxiliary power supply (static inverter) converts the power for interior light, displays, air conditioning, etc. Even though there is a propulsion inverter, the static inverter is installed in order to supply power that has low voltage and constant frequency.

What is auxiliary system?

An auxiliary emergency system is an equipment that provides support to meet the energy needs of a given location or infrastructure, can function as a primary or complementary source.

What is plant load factor?

Plant Load Factor (PLF) is the ratio between the actual energy generated by the plant to the maximum possible energy that can be generated with the plant working at its rated power and for a duration of an entire year.

What is CEP power plant?

Condensate extraction pumps (CEP) extract the condensate water from the condenser and pump it through the condensate polishing system and the LP heaters to the de-aerator feed water tank. The CEP are vertical canned type to ensure Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA).

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