Your question: Is Loy Yang Power Station still operating?

In June 2018, the Victorian Government extended AGL Loy Yang’s mining licence through to 2065. As part of its mining licence extension, AGL committed to provide five years notice of closure of Loy Yang A Power Station.

Why is Liddell power station closing?

“Replacing Liddell is the right decision to protect the reliability of our grid and the safety of the workers at Liddell,” Mr Kean said. “We need to replace our ageing power plants before they close with the lowest-cost new forms of generation.”

How big is Loy Yang?

Welcome To Loy Yang B

Loy Yang B has a maximum generating capacity of 1200MW. It is the third largest thermal power station in Victoria accounting for approximately 20% of Victoria’s electricity requirements. Loy Yang B is supplied with coal from the adjacent Loy Yang A open cut mine.

Does AGL own coal mines?

It owns the Loy Yang coal-fired power stations in Victoria and the Macquarie coal-fired power stations in NSW.

Is AGL Australian owned?

AGL was established in 1837 and currently has over 1.9 million residential customers – it is a publicly owned entity, which means it is partially Australian owned.

Who closed Hazelwood power?

On 3 November 2016, Engie announced that the entire Hazelwood plant would be closed at the end of March 2017 giving five months notice of the closure. The power station closed in March 2017.

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What replaced Liddell power station?

The Australian Government has announced its support for a new gas power plant in Hunter Valley, New South Wales (NSW), to replace a coal-fired power plant. The plant would deliver 1GW of dispatchable energy, replacing Liddell power station after it closes in 2023.

Where does the name Loy Yang come from?

“Loy Yang” means Big Eel after the huge Conger eels which were once very plentiful in the river. “Koornalla” means Running Water, but that name was given to that place only early in the 20th century.

When was yallourn built?

The story of Yallourn Power Station starts in 1921, when the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) built a temporary power station fuelled by brown coal from the Latrobe Valley. Its success led to a permanent station on the banks of the Latrobe River in 1924, and to the station we know today.

Is lignite A coal?

Lignite is a dark brown to black combustible mineral formed over millions of years by the partial decomposition of plant material subject to increased pressure and temperature in an airless atmosphere. In simple terms, lignite is coal.

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