Your question: Where are hydroelectric power station are generally located?

Because the source of hydroelectric power is water, hydroelectric power plants are usually located on or near a water source.

Where is the best location for hydroelectric power?

The best location for a hydroelectric station should be along the path of a river. It should be at least at the river canyon or at the place where the river narrows. This enables the collection of the water or the diversion of the river.

Where are hydroelectric power stations located in India?

Gk – Hydro Power Plants in India

Name River Location
Sardar Sarovar Narmada Gujarat
Baspa-II Baspa Himachal Pradesh
Nathpa Jhakri Satluj Himachal Pradesh
Bhakra Dam Satluj Punjab

What is meant by hydroelectric power station?

A hydroelectric power station consists of turbines that rely on a gravity flow of water from the dam to turn a turbine to generate electricity.

Which is the first hydroelectric power station in India?

The 4.5 megawatt hydroelectric power station near Sivasamudram falls of the Cauvery in Karnataka was the first major power station in India.

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